HomelessnessSame Night -- A Poem Dedicated to the Homeless...

Same Night — A Poem Dedicated to the Homeless (We Care)


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Written by Emmanuel Obarhua, the following poem is dedicated to homeless people across the world. We care. And I, Emanuel Obarhua, enjoin whoever finds themself homeless to be strong and feel loved because they’re actually loved and our hearts go out to them. As we seek to gain momentum with this Homeless People’s Advisory, we will call for charity for the homeless and will relay it to them wherever they are across the world.

Same Night

Tonight, like other nights in the season
It’s raining hard and freezing.
Those in trysts cuddle;
Warmed, their souls hallow.

Under the rickety awning
I see some in their cosy homes humming.
Tonight forsooth is lovers’ night
Although for me the greatest plight

Droplets like stones
Hitting me with their cold fists
While those in homes
Are probably having their lives’ feasts

Shall I curse the day I was born
Seeing my suffering?
My body over is numb
My limbs shuddering

I seek not the luxury of a shelter
Little concern, I believe, shall answer

Same night that makes your night beautiful
Makes mine miserable.

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License The poem should not be copied and re-distributed without the permission of homelessbuddy.com. Our email is “email [at] homelessbuddy [dot] com”.


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